Are You an Order Follower?

If you followed the mandates and human controls set in play by criminal organizations such as CDC,FDA,AMA,WHO,NIH, NIAID, etc, that have been a proven detriment to health, and told people to stay away from others, to wear masks that have only caused detrimental effects on health, to close businesses and Churches and finally to give poisonous shots created by the largest criminally fined organizations in the world, to unsuspecting, uninformed people, YOU ARE GUILTY AS CHARGED!
So who is guilty?
1. Churches that have the audacity to tell members it is up to their conscience as to whether they take and force their children to take poisonous shots developed by murdering babies, resulting in millions of vaccine injuries and death, and not making them aware of these facts that are and have been readily available since the beginning of this scamdemic.
2. Nurses, Pharmacists, Doctors, and other practitioners that injected poisons in the arms of millions of the uninformed public and caused incalculable suffering and pain on the pretense of fighting a so called virus, that has never been proven to exist, much less to be a proven pathogen in humans. 
3. All ÔÇťorder followers" that haven't had the initiative, and or guts to ask for and look for the proof that masks, distancing, and the poisonous shots have detrimental or beneficial effects on their family members, friends and relatives before encouraging them to follow these abominable ideas.
You are all guilty as charged ! (but I know that most of you don't and won't care)
How about one final thought?
  "Make Sure of All Things, Hold Fast to What is Fine"
1 Thessalonians 5:21
 Can you? Did you? Will you?

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