Are You Lying to Your Children?

Many American Psychologists say it’s always bad to lie to your children and yet American parents are habitual liars and raise habitual liars who don’t trust what their parents say and don’t feel bad about lying to them. (In other parts of the world the problem persists, also).

 Lies to children

  1. Santa Claus
  2. So called Wise Men
  3. Jesus' date of birth
  4. Christmas
  5. The nativity scene
  6. All of your deceased family and friends are in Heaven
  7. Easter bunny
  8. Easter eggs
  9. God chose your country as his favorite
  10. You can do anything you choose (no limitations)
  11. Thanksgiving 
  12. The tooth Fairy 
  13. Presidents' integrity 
  14. American exceptionalism 
  15. US history
  16. US Freedoms
  17. And many, many more…

And we wonder where the pool of liars that politicians. businessmen, sports stars, etc. are pulled from, comes from? Well now you know.

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