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Jan 30

People might want to look at God’s thoughts on the matter of borders.
Acts 10:35
“But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.”
Borders don’t come into play.
Politicians and others are talking about borders. When I was flying to Mexico and Canada, I never saw a line that I crossed to be in another country. Borders show how hateful humans are. People are crossing the border into the USA by the thousands. Why? (Not all for the same reason) but, if they had a nice place to live, work, play and raise families why would they want to go through the terrible conditions it takes to
illegally cross the border into another country? Well maybe they don't have normal living conditions in their country. Maybe another country came into their country, tampered with their elections, set up their own puppet leader, then obliterated the countries landscapes, stole their resources, enslaved their people, put sanctions on them to kill the innocent, then took what they had stolen to their country and made financial prosperity in their country and now don't want others to come there. Check the History of Cuba, Haiti, most of Central America,
Venezuela and much of the Middle East. 

Seems criminal to me, but what lowlife, God hating group of people would
ever do this? Well, one country has done it more than any other country in history.
The country that has around 750 US foreign military bases spread across 80 nations! just to bully and intimidate those countries. Yep, the Grand old USA. And you know what they call it? They call it the American way.

Then people look to the very criminals that got them in this situation as their saviors. They vote for criminal men in criminal Governments and put their efforts in passing new laws and ordinances when no one adheres to the originals in the constitution.
When will we ever learn? People spend much of their time hoping in political leaders that are imperfect and usually criminal people. The hours you spend studying the wording of laws are wasted when criminals in your political system don't follow them.
For instance...the Constitution. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the government from making laws that: regulate an establishment of religion; prohibit the free exercise of religion; abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the freedom of assembly, or the right to petition the government for
redress of grievances. Sounds good like a political speech by a criminal politician sounds
good. Throughout the history of this country, people have been tarred and feathered, tortured, hung and murdered in other ways for the religion they professed. Not sure how much freedom of religion is practiced by those who have been murdered for practicing their religion. Freedom of speech is and has always been void of any reality in the US. Today check the censorship in media, social media and all public education systems. Freedom of the press has always been squelched. Check 1st auditors of YouTube, Censorship rules as for the right to redress grievances. I personally have been refused the right to file a complaint against local police. Many others have the same issues nationally.

The second amendment has had hundreds of laws instituted by states and federal courts that nullify it's statement. The fourth amendment is totally rejected by police, attorneys, judges etc. So police, lawyers, Judges, politicians and endless organized groups of humans in this country, completely reject the constitution. Why spend our time examining the law and wording of a constitution that is completely null and void in this country. To put your trust in these people, to vote for them, to support them, is complete futility, but it keeps the criminals mentioned above happy and wealthy. The only thing you can do is follow the golden rule which none of these criminals do, and trust that God will do the rest. His word says he will set up a Government that works for all of us. So let's quit wasting our time and effort by voting for the very system that God says he hates enough to destroy.

More on Borders
The USA has been handing over 3.8 billion dollars a year to a criminal organization called Israel for years. They have misused the money and even used it against the US- Check the USS Liberty. The USA has been responsible for much of the influx of people to the US. The US does not stay at home and work on their own country and problems and never has. Sounds like something we read in Mother goose. They rape and pillage other countries for their resources. This is why every year poles taken world wide put the US as the number one threat to world peace.

So let's quit wasting our time and effort by voting for the very system that God says he
hates enough to destroy.
a great example of cognitive dissonance

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