Death data the CDC does not want you to see

A report by the UK government confirms 90% C0VlD deaths are found in those fully v@cc!nated. 


You’ve probably never heard this information over in the U.S.


That’s no surprise when you find out that the CDC has been hiding data!


And then there’s the Department of Health and Human Services…


Who quietly decided in early February to stop recording deaths attributed to C0VlD-19.


The data in the U.S. may be completely different. 


And it’s likely to become even more sparse in the coming weeks and months. 


Will you wait around for the truth to protect yourself and your family? 


This is exactly why I produced C0V!D Revealed.


To give you uncensored and fact-based advice on what to do as things unwind…


Go here to claim your Seat for C0VlD Revealed Documentary (watch it for free).


The world's leading Doctors and experts will share exactly what to do in these times. 


The truth is… You’re being lied to.


The curtains will be pulled back, and you get a front-row seat to what’s really going on.


The only path forward is to expose the entire world to credible experts.


If we don’t take action, more mandates and restrictions will be imposed.


More freedoms will be lost...and they won’t be coming back once they’re gone. 


We need to expose the unblemished truth.


But what’s happening instead?


There’s greater censorship and suppression than any issue in history!


Crazy, irrational narratives seem to be changing every other day. 


Flip-flopping from one stance to another has been commonplace.


Just this week a judge ruled that the long standing travel mask mandate was against the law.


Then the Justice Department announced it would appeal the decision… if the CDC says so.


You see, this is not about being Anti-V@x…


It’s about being wary of a totally new medication with very little exposed data. 


Do we know everything we need to know? 


Absolutely not. 


Here’s the big elephant in the room…


There are 411 deaths per million doses. 


That’s 150,000 deaths from Pfizer shots...


Be prepared and informed with the truth…


Claim your spot for the only place for C0VlD REVEALED  here for FREE.


To your health,

Jeff Hays


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