After decades of inventing one phony flu/pandemic after another it stands to reason that Fauci, pharma, the CDC, FDA, and WHO will come up with more of the same. They own the media now. They can make the public believe in anything, and once again incite fear of a germ that doesn’t exist. This will engender more vaccine sales, more huge profits, more lockdowns, and more control. 


Wouldn’t it be great if doctors like Mercola, Frontline Doctors, and all the famous health freedom leaders could do some sort of self-assessment and come to the conclusion that they have been wrong all along about vaccines and the existence of Covid? These people already are being called every name in the book by pharma, google, and mainstream media – “notorious,” “liars,” “spreaders of misinformation,” “disgrace,” and more. Why not go all the way and just admit the truth so all of us can stand together against the evildoers? What would it hurt? What does hurt is health freedom leaders insisting that the Covid virus and the pandemic are real.

If we all stand together as a united front and overwhelm the public with the facts about the nonexistence of Covid and all of the other phony pandemics – bird flu, swine flu, SARS, Zika, Ebola, etc., any of the new fake pandemics they intend to throw at us would have much less impact on the public. Kind of like before when pharma didn’t own the media, and we had real journalists debunking the fakery, and the public pretty much ignored warnings that these pandemics were going to kill everyone on the entire planet. If people understand that the germs do not exist, they cannot be fear mongered, and pharma and the corporatists lose their hold on us. And we win!    May 2022


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